What types of companies do you invest in?

We invest in novel therapeutic and diagnostic medical devices across the regulatory spectrum. Although we will invest at various stages, we typically aim to invest at the seed or A round when there is an advanced prototype, strong bench data, and animal data.  

What do you look for?

We want to understand why the proposed science or technology is truly novel. We like to see clear data appropriate to the stage of the project. Entrepreneurs should have a thorough understanding of clinical needs, product / market fit, and of what is ultimately required for clinical adoption (including pricing). Lastly, we want to understand what you plan to achieve with funding and how we, as investors, can achieve our return objectives by participating.    

How much do you invest?

We invest between $500 thousand and $3 million at an early stage and follow up in later rounds with a similar amount. Through our network, we can potentially mobilize additional capital to form syndicates. 

Do you take an active role in your portfolio companies?

We evaluate each company individually and determine how we can help. Because of our partners' operations and industry backgrounds, and thanks to our connection with UCSF, we believe we can be helpful in achieving many of the key milestones a device company faces, either through a deeper involvement or through targeted support.