UCSF Partnership

We are in partnership with UCSF to build the medical device ecosystem. We work closely with QB3 and its medical device-focused group, the Rosenman Institute. Through this partnership, we benefit not only from access to technologies, but also from a world class investment and clinical advisory team. However, we are not limited to investing only in UCSF companies. Rather it is a platform for us to find the best device companies and help them succeed.  


Historically ranked one of the top medical schools in the US, UCSF has a long tradition of world-changing medical innovation.


The Rosenman Institute was founded within QB3 specifically to foster medical device innovation and entrepreneurship. Its mission is to help device entrepreneurs develop technologies from concept to commercialization.


QB3 is headquartered at UCSF, and has a mandate to foster life science innovation and entrepreneurship in California through research facilities, educational programs, internships, mentoring, incubators, and a seed-stage venture fund.